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Silver cleaning cloth


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Metal cleaning cloth to keep your jewelery sparkling

For silver, gold and other metals


* Clean your jewel with this cloth after using it *

1. Rub with the white part until the desired shine is obtained, then polish with the blue part

2. Store the jewel individually in an airtight ziploc-type plastic bag; do not put together with other jewelry to avoid oxidizing or scratching each other 

3. Once you have your jewel in a plastic bag, keep it in a drawer or jewelry box, keeping it away from light

4. To clean earrings, it is suggested to use an alcohol swab on a regular basis, to sanitize the post and avoid any type of skin reaction. 

Specifications: Large 15.5 x 13cm Cleaning Cloth

Use with caution, it contains chemicals. Keep out of the reach of children

Note: This cloth is for independent use silver cleaning fluid by Prata

The cloth is for daily maintenance of your jewelry, constant use

The liquid is for cleaning very dirty jewelry, it is not in constant use

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